Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Cornelio Balmaceda

Animal Technician

Rachel Brewer

Senior Associate Scientist, Biology

Mimi Enea

Senior Executive Assistant

Douglas Faget

Scientist II, Biology

Kartik Gupta

Scientist II, Biology

Sheri Haynes


Seth Ludwig

Scientist I, Protein Sciences

Ivy Nguyen

Human Resources

Karmen Pantoja

Associate, Operations

Laura Valenzuela

Senior Research Associate, Discovery

Our Leadership

Amira Barkal

Principal Founder, Chief Development Officer, Board Director

Steve Gillis

Board Director

Ravi Majeti

Cofounder, Scientific Advisor, Board Observer

Roy Maute

Cofounder & Chief Scientific Officer

Jacob Vogelstein

Board Director

Irv Weissman

Cofounder, Scientific Advisor, Board Director

Our Investors


We believe in improving lives, and we’re inspired by those in our families and communities impacted by cancer. Our fundamental purpose is to defy cancer and help patients thrive. If you share this aspirational goal and have the courage to be exceptional and take on the challenges that lay ahead, check out our open positions.

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